In November, AT-Translation started the new initiative as the main sponsor for the publication of the online, open access International Journal of Chinese and English Translation & Interpreting (IJCETI)   (https://ijceti.at-journals.com/).

Our research shows that there were no dedicated journals, in print or online, for the most spoken language pair, i.e. Chinese and English. A lot of research has been undertaken on other pairs such as Spanish-English, German-English and published on dedicated journals. The launch of IJCETI aims to fill in this gap for both academia and practitioners.

Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting has been going on for centuries, often for trade and cultural exchange. With regards to it as an academic research topic, only recently has started to gather attention. Offering of postgraduate study in Chinese-English TIS only started approximately 30 years ago in the UK and China. Over the past ten years, it has seen a large increase in the number of programmes and students.

In addition to scientific and business translation, literary translation has become a new focus for many academics and practitioners. In particular those that are translating Chinese fictions into English, ranging from classics to contemporaries. Thanks to the combined efforts of both Chinese and English speaking translators, works by Mo Yan (2012 awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature), Wang Anyi (The Song of Everlasting Sorrow), Yan Geling (Youth) and Shu Tong (The Boat to Redemption) are readily available outside of China.

IJCETI strives to break the barriers among the disciplines and foster the fusion of academic studies & vocational practices. One important mission is to enable the publication of good works (especially those from under-funded or unfunded scholarly activities and professional practices) that are otherwise left unpublished and undiscovered. The journal aims to provide an easy-to-access platform with effective workflows for authors, reviewers and editors. Whilst still being free-to-access, reliably archived and well-indexed knowledge base for the broadest range of readers.

The first issue will be published in June 2022 and the call for papers (https://ijceti.at-journals.com/ojs/index.php/description/call-for-papers) is out now.