Knowledge = Accuracy

We only deliver services where we have the sector knowledge as it forms the basis for our translation and interpreting.


The UK is a major education export country and the government has the ambition to attract 600,000 international students to come study in the UK by 2030. China has been the number one country with 200,000 students studying in the UK with an annual increase of over 10% for the past decade.

If you are an education provider, you must have thought about recruiting international students or finding partners to deliver some of your programmes in their countries.

If you have already had many international students with you, you may wish to think how to improve their experiences, both academically and socially. By inviting them to contribute it would greatly enrich the campus life for all students.

Whatever your needs, we are here to work with you from marketing materials, social media presence, campus support to research projects.

We take on individual work as well as project work. Here are some samples of work we do.

Creative Industries

The UK is renowned for its creative industries in the world and export over 36 billion pounds through its film, TV, video, publication, design and performance. It is one of the fastest growing export sectors.

The 2019 export strategy identifies China and Japan as the top five priority markets. We are here to help to realise your export ambition, be it in goods, services and training.

Our team members have extensive experience working with museums, literature festivals, publishers, theatre, radio and music organisations.

We are here to assist you to communicate with your partners, enable collaborative projects and attune your contents to your target audience with cultural sensitivity and understanding.

Engineering and Technology

Globally, the UK is the 10th largest exporter with top exports consisting of engineering and technological based goods or services. The machineries including computers alone represent 15% of total exports in value.

The growing success of UK firms entering the engineering and technology market in China has made it the third largest single export market. From time to time, international trading in this sector requires precise translation and interpreting in a technical context.

We provide general translation in engineering and technology, with specialism in mechanical and civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and information & communications technology (ICT).

We translate project proposals, plans and reports, ITT documents, product operating manuals, laboratory testing reports, technical specifications, standards documentations, contracts and labels.