Localisation is a key to the success of marketing your products overseas

As Chinese are celebrating the Spring Festival (also known as Chinese New Year following the lunar calendar), food is at the centre of the celebration where families reunite and friends gather.

红包 Red Envelope

Traditional food is likely to appear on the table of many families during this festive holiday, it brings back childhood memories and causes people to reminisce over bygone eras.

Pickled Tidal Land Snails

Quality foods that have stood the test of time receive the award of China Time-Honored brands (中华老字号). This provides reassurance for those looking to purchase them for either oneself or as a gift.

China Time-Honored Brand

We are highlighting three Time-Honored branded products that are popular in Shanghai. Firstly, Shao Wan Sheng (邵万生) produces its own rice wine pickled food e.g. chicken, crab, snails and shellfish. Secondly, San Yang (三阳) produces its own cured meats e.g. Jinhua ham. Thirdly, Huang Long Tai (黄隆泰) produces its own teas e.g. West Lake Dragon Well tea. All these brands started in the middle of the 19th century as Shanghai began attracting people from neighbouring regions over to the port city; business opportunities were ample for those with acumen and diligence. Many such people came from Ningbo in the nearby Zhejiang province.

Jinhua Ham

With an increasing population of Chinese living across the world, these brands are setting their sights for expansion outside of China. At-Translation has worked with the translators to make these brands more accessible in English speaking countries. As the subject matter refers to unique Chinese traditional food, it is a challenge to describe them in a way in which people find easy to relate to or compare with. Here at AT-Translation with our knowledge and skills we can help businesses overcome this.