climate change and tourism in 2021

As a company based in Manchester, we look out for business events where we can meet and talk to our potential clients. The first big event for the North West business community after the pandemic was Progress 21 Global, held at Manchester Central on Thursday 23 September 2021.

The Global part of this event comprised of speeches given by Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester Combined Authority International Leader Elise Wilson, followed by the panel discussion of leading business representatives from Manchester Airport, Creative Concern and BAE Systems.

The event covered a wide array of topics ranging from digitalisation, decarbonisation, cyber security, tourism to levelling up in the region. What caught many people’s attention was climate change and tourism.

Manchester has the ambition to introduce the Great Manchester Clean Air Zone in the ten boroughs from 2022 and have a carbon zero footprint by 2038. At this event and the forthcoming COP26, China is recognised and regularly mentioned as a key partner for tackling climate change. Many Chinese cities have already adopted use of electric vehicles for public transport. 14/25 top cities globally with the most cumulative electric passenger vehicles in 2019 are Chinese cities. Shanghai has over 310,000 registered electric vehicles and Shenzhen has about 80,000 public charging stations, taking up the number one position in the world.

As travel restrictions ease over time, tourism tops the agenda of economic recovery for many cities like Manchester. Manchester Airport unveiled its new Terminal 2 in July and positions itself as the gateway to the North of England. As a city of sports, creativity and learning, Manchester always welcomes visitors from all over the world to promote cultural exchange.

Going global sets the tone for the future of Manchester and AT-Translation is here to support businesses of all sizes to realise their ambition.

You can read more on the event here