From Greek God ATTIS to ATTISLATION Language Services

When we set up the translation and interpreting company, we were trying to find a name which can capture people’s imagination, and also unique so it improves the website’s SEO. It is a business so everything we do must make business sense.

AT-Translation derives from the company name All Terrain Publishing, Conference and Training. However AT-Translation turned out to be a poor choice for SEO. Hence we need to do something to rectify this. Register a trademark!

ATTIS came into the scene when combining AT (All Terrain) with TIS (Translation and Interpreting Services). ATTIS is the Greek god of vegetation, representing the cycle of self-consuming, death and resurrection. Translation and interpreting process is also a cycle where the translator or interpreter consumes information, digest and reproduce the information.

The birth and death of Attis is linked with Agdistis. Agdistis had both female and male reproductive organs. The gods feared this and plotted his death. Tricked into swallowing a sleeping potion, the gods tied his male genitalia to his foot. He castrated himself when he woke and stood. His blood fell to earth fertilizing the ground. An almond tree grew where it fell. The daughter of the river god Sangarius, Nana, picked almonds from the tree and carried them at her bosom. The almonds disappeared and Nana became pregnant with Attis.

Attis grew into a handsome man with long hair and god-like features. He got engaged to the daughter of King Midas of Pessinos. During the wedding, Agditis appeared in front of the guests and drove everyone mad. Both Attis and the king castrated themselves, while the bride cut off her breasts. Agditis quickly repented, and asked Zeus to keep Attis’ body intact, so that it would not decompose at all.

The statuette at the Vatican museum depicts Attis reclining post-castration holding a shepherd’s crook in his left hand and a pomegranate in his right. He wears a pine garland with fruits interwoven and a Phrygian cap featuring a crescent moon.

Lation indicates the act of carrying from one place to another or the motion of a celestial object from one place to another. ATTIS+LATION provides language services, which enable the ideas to transcend time and space.

ATTISLATION is our newly registered trademark!